TSX: CPH 13.65 +0.00 +0% Volume: 67,200 April 20, 2015
NASDAQ: CPHR 11.47 +0.00 +0% Volume: 22,700 April 20, 2015

Cipher Pharmaceuticals is a growing specialty pharmaceutical company that commercializes novel formulations of successful, currently marketed molecules.

Cipher's first product is a fenofibrate formulation marketed in the United States as Lipofen®. Cipher's second product, an extended-release tramadol, is marketed in the United States as ConZip® and in Canada as Durela®. Cipher's third product, a novel formulation of the acne treatment isotretinoin, was launched in the United States in Q4 2012 as Absorica™. The product was also recently launched in Canada as Epuris®.